A Family weekend out running

We were dared by Naomi to participate in the second edition of the Linden Bosloop. Given that we are not longer trained, it was decided that we would run the shortest distance, 4k. It proved a challenge for all participants; Naomi, Johannes, Reen, Bo & me. Why? Well, in a last minute decision, it was decided that each would run…

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We did it again!

Last year we participated to the Trolls X’TremRun3. We were so happy with our performance that we immediately decided to participate also to the next edition. And so we did!

With relatively little training we were nevertheless confident that our bodies would stand the test of mud, water, physical obstacles and…distance. Yes, distance as the organization had a fun surprise for us! The distance would not be 14 Km as announced, but 17.8 Km and with nice crossings through some steep slopes in the local quarry. We survived quite well and managed to get to the safety zone (where Cuvée des Troll beer awaited us) in a little more then 3 hours.

We? Well that’s us: Aurore, Brigitte, Reen, Michael (a new DareWin Team member), and myself.

Up to a new challenge!

Getting ready?…

The next edition of the Trolls x-treme run is approaching fast. So Reen and I decided to test our condition a bit and have some fun ‘off the road’. Hence we decided to do the Escapardenne Eisleck Trail, not by hiking, but by trail running. We carried all we needed to survive in the woods of southern Belgium and northern Luxemburg…

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Run in Brussels : 10 km Uccle

10 km Uccle : 14/05/2015 Les 10 km d’Uccle sont très attendus par beaucoup de gens car c’est un peu le dernier entrainement avant les 20 km de Bruxelles qui se déroulent deux semaines après… Pour ma part, c’était la seconde fois que j’y participais mais je n’avais pas vraiment réalisé que cette course tombait seulement 4 jours après les 15km…

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Run in Brussels : 15 km de Woluwé

Nouveau concept cette année, le magazine Zatopek a lancé le « challenge Run in Brussels ». Le principe : participer à au moins 5 courses sur les 12 proposées durant l’année. L’inscription à ce challenge offre entre autres des réductions aux courses. Après de longs mois de repos suite à une stupide fasciite plantaire, me voilà enfin prête pour participer à ma première…

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Welkom in de hel van OHL

… zo sloot Alex de exploot van Bo af. En wat een exploot! Verdikke, 8 km gelopen door een achtjarige, de enigste in die categorie, de jongst deelnemer op die afstand en dus de eerst! Haar tijd? Kijken maar op de website van de Sport- en Vriendenkring Oud-Heverlee. Nu nog maar hopen dat we haar de volgende jaren zullen kunnen bijhouden.

Racing to the end of the year

‘Dad’, one of our daughters wispered in my ear, “Is it true that in the darkest of days men become kings and still die of old age while the children become gods?’ And so, added our other twin daughter, ‘and that the whole world will then start to play!’. Taken a little aback by these wise words, I sought for…

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